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Tsugaike Nature Garden Course

The goal is about 1900m above sea level , to another world that is cool even in the summer!

Travelable period: GW-October

It is a course of Tsugaike Cycle Classic (held in June every year) and Otari Hill Climb ( To the top. Until around GW, there are some years when it can only run halfway due to snowfall. If you pass through a forest with an average slope of 7%, you can see the Ushirotateyama Federation of the Northern Alps, Togakushi, and the Myoko Mountain Range. Below you can see the scenery unique to Shinshu, such as the village of Otari Village and the houses scattered in the mountains. The goal is to get off the ropeway. Although the time is limited, if you push your bicycle to Tsugaike Nature Garden, you will find a cafeteria and a coffee shop, and you can also buy soft serve ice cream. I want you to heal your tired body and then safely come down to the lower world.

* There are no vending machines beyond the gate. It is not recommended for those who cannot manage their physical condition or solve equipment problems because they cannot enter a car.

Course Map -COURSE MAP-




Start from Meteor Garden and go to Hakuba Pond via Hakuba Ohashi, Iwatake, and Ochikura. Stone monuments stand here and there, symbolizing the historic salt road. Depending on the season, birds such as woodpeckers and Japanese pygmy woodpeckers, and small animals such as foxes and rabbits may be seen.

From the top of Tsugaike Panorama Ohashi, you can see the mountains of Hakuba and Tsugaike Kogen Ski Resort. Be careful as it is difficult to run when strong winds blow. Also, on rainy days, do not slip on the metal at the seams of the bridge. If you look under the bridge, you can see the rice fields that look great on Instagram. The colors change depending on the season, so you can enjoy it throughout the four seasons.




Near the gondola intermediate station. General vehicles are not allowed on the forest road beyond the gate. Bicycles are allowed, but be careful as the chain is hung.

From the gate is the course of Tsugaike Kogen Ski Resort. Climbing continues, but there is no steep slope, so I will do my best without getting off. As you go through the forest where you can't see, the scenery of the mountains that you can see from time to time changes steadily. Be careful of flat tires and slips as the pavement is not good in some places and there are rockfalls. If it is wet, it will slip on moss and will not run on the edge of the road.

Push the bicycle from the end of the ropeway. Tsugaike Nature Garden is a wetland where you can see alpine plants such as skunk cabbage. The soft serve ice cream while watching the vast landscape of the Ushirotateyama mountain range spreading in front of you is exceptional.

Falling off a cliff is life-threatening, so be especially careful when descending. General cars do not come, but management cars run, so keep in mind that there are oncoming cars.

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