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Meteor Garden

Let's enjoy a wonderful trip!

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Meteor Garden

Villa is a gorgeous inn that is reserved for the entire building.
In a private space different from staying at a hotel
Please spend a special time as if you came to the villa with your family and friends.
The high ceilings retain the majestic beams that give the impression of the history of an old folk house, and indirect lighting creates an elegant space.
We have a projector instead of a TV so that you can spend a relaxing time away from everyday life. How about enjoying watching a movie on a big screen?


It is a facility with a very nice atmosphere, with reasonable prices and almost all renovations during the corona holidays. From March 2022, we will switch to business with only one set of charter for one day.

There are 7-11, supermarkets and taverns nearby.

There are 9 rooms in the main building, and there are various types of rooms such as a room with a loft that is popular with parents and children and a dormitory with a reasonable price for backpackers.

The hotel is equipped with WIFI, private shower room and free laundry, which is recommended for long-term stays.

Look for "flowing stars" in the snow in winter and the green in summer.

* Please be sure to inform us of the number of days and the number of people by phone or email before making a reservation.


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828-334 Hokujo, Kitaazumi-gun, Nagano Prefecture

Tel: 0261-483-2183,  Fax: 03-5539-3593

Snowy roads freeze in winter, so

Please be sure to wear studless tires before you come.

​ I would like to welcome everyone.

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