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​About hydration and supplementary food

It is said that humans become dehydrated when they lose 3% of their body weight. Hydration is important in everyday life, and cycling is a long-lasting exercise, so it is essential to carry water with you. When you're running, the wind dries your sweat, so you may not realize it, but it's a sport that consumes more water than you can imagine. Since the amount of water that the body can absorb at one time is fixed, diligent hydration during exercise is the key to maintaining performance.


There are seasonal and individual differences, so I can't say it unconditionally, but I always carry two. In the past, when I was running with a single bottle for the purpose of weight reduction in a race aiming for a higher position, the bottle flew away due to the impact of avoiding the fall of another player, and I have experienced dehydration and retirement. Also, when I enter Hakuba Village, where I live, there are not many vending machines, let alone convenience stores. I try to carry a lot of water to protect myself.


The cyclist bottle is designed to allow you to rehydrate frequently while running. Ease of drinking is important because it temporarily releases one hand and interferes with breathing. There are several points such as whether it is easy to put in and take out from the bottle cage, whether the bottle body is easy to grip, whether the opening and closing of the drinking spout and water flow out smoothly, and whether the smell is not a concern . Let's try it in the neighborhood first.

The bottle is in a situation where bacteria can easily grow due to its environment and shape. Clean it thoroughly with a scratch-resistant brush. Disinfection with sodium hypochlorite solution is desirable. In particular, disassemble and wash the mouthpiece frequently and dry it.


Once dehydrated, I don't feel well for a while. The same is true for hypoglycemia. Always carry hydration and supplements to prevent illness.


Zheng Fu


Japan Inbound Adventure Tourism

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